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Amaryllis Law attends VWAA’s Success Project Luncheon

January 31, 2020

Amaryllis Law attorneys, Christine Poarch and Jaime McGuire, attended Virginia Women’s Attorney Association’s (VWAA) Success Project Luncheon last Wednesday, January 29th 2020. 

The main speakers for the Success Project Luncheon event were Roanoke/Salem attorneys, Christine Poarch and Elizabeth Perrow. Though both attorneys practice different areas of law, Christine practices immigration and adoption law while Elizabeth practices medical malpractice defense, both women have built successful careers in their practice area. Alongside extensive lists of accolades attached to Christine and Elizabeth’s careers, both women are known as frequent lecturers and speakers at conferences across the Virginia and the rest of the United States. 

At the Success Project Luncheon, Elizabeth and Christine shared stories about their journeys as attorneys in their respective fields. Though both took different paths to get to where they are today, both women connected on the importance of authenticity when leading a law firm and attempting to create a supportive and nourishing office culture for both the client and those who work there. They also touched on different strategies in maintaining a purposeful client base and the importance of creating, implementing, and reworking marketing strategies when leading a law firm. 

Virginia Women Attorney Association (VWAA) strives to assist and foster the person and career of the women who make part in Virginia’s attorney work force. Through events like last Wednesday, Success Project Luncheon, VWAA helps these women attorneys by giving them access to a supportive community, in developing their professional practice, and helping them achieve their potential.  

Christine Lockhart Poarch founded Poarch Law (now, Amaryllis Law) in 2003. She practices immigration and adoption law at Amaryllis Law. 

Elizabeth Guilbert Perrow is a trial lawyer who practices primarily in the area of medical malpractice defense. She is a principal attorney at Woods Rogers Attorneys at Law. 

Jaime McGuire

Written By Jaime McGuire


Jaime McGuire, an immigration and adoption attorney, is a managing attorney at Amaryllis Law. Jaime has been an integral part of Amaryllis Law’s thriving removal practice over the years.

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