Employment-Based Immigration

As talented and skilled employees, ambitious entrepreneurs, significant taxpayers, and good neighbors, immigrants are a crucial part of the U.S.’s economy, making a vital contribution that benefits everyone. At Amaryllis Law, we work with companies, corporate counsel, HR executives, investors and owners as well as individuals looking for new opportunities. Because we understand the agile, real-time needs of businesses and business owners seeking to work or attract foreign workers, we work well with both privately owned business owners and large multinationals in a jargon-free, straight-talking way. Our team of attorneys will ensure that you have confidence and control over your immigration requirements.

Immigrants are a crucial part of Virginia’s economy and community.

Employer Immigration Compliance Lawyer

Employers are responsible for verifying their employee’s identity and eligibility to work in the United States. You must complete an I-9 form for your employees and should take other precautions to protect yourself from the negative consequences …

Employment-Based Green Cards

Green Card for employment You can get a green card, or a permanent resident card, on the basis of your employment with a U.S. company. At Amaryllis Law, our experienced immigration attorneys can answer all of your questions about getting an em…

Foreign Direct Investment & Business Creation

If you represent a foreign entity that wants to establish business in the United States, business creation should be central to your plan. You need to select the right business, based on your current organizational structure, tax concerns, and the…

H-1B Specialty Visa

H-1B Specialty Visa The H-1B specialty visa is for non-immigrants who have gained employment with a U.S. company in a specialty occupation. In order to get an H-1B specialty visa, you need a job offer from a U.S. company and to meet several re…

Immigration Litigation and Appeals

Sometimes USCIS makes mistakes in your adjudication or intractable delays require you to take action in the court system. Other times, litigation or appeal is necessary to preserve your right to remain in the U.S.  You don’t need to handl…

Investor or Trader Treaty Visas (E Visas)

Investor or Trader Treaty Visas Do you have a business, trade, or investments in the United States? Would you like to? An E-1 visa or an E-2 visa, otherwise known as treaty investor visas and trader treaty visas, can allow you to enter the Uni…

L-1 Visas

The L-1 visas are two types of visas a corporation can use to transfer specialty workers, managers or executives to the United States. L-1 visas are complex and their adjudication by USCIS is rigorous.  Employee qualifications for L-1 Vis…

Religious Workers Visa (R-1)

R-1 Temporary Non-immigrant Religious Workers Those who would like to come to the United States to work as a minister or work in another religious role may use the R-1 visa. It is also not the only religious immigration option. The experienced…

Request for Evidence and Notice of Intent to Deny

Request for Evidence (RFE) and Notice of Intent to Deny (NOID) After you submit a petition or application to USCIS, they may respond in a number of ways. Sometimes, they use requests for evidence (RFE) and notices of intent to deny (NOID) to a…

TN NAFTA Professionals

The TN visa is a non-immigrant visa allowing Canadian and Mexican professionals to enter the United States for work. Your eligibility and application process differ depending on whether you are Canadian or Mexican.  General Eligibility …

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